Lee R. Lambert, PMP

A Founder of the Original PMP® Certification (1984)
PMI® Fellow (2009)

PMI® Professional Development Provider of the Year (2007)
PMI® Distinguished Contribution Award (1995)

Agile Applications - To Scrum or Not to Scrum On-Demand

Lee Lambert
4 PDU's (2 Tech, 2 Lead, 0 Strat)

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The profession of project management is always searching for a “better, faster, cheaper” approach for delivering projects. Many of these new concepts are simply the “flavor of the day” and they quickly fade and languish in obscurity. In his half a century of practicing and teaching project management, Lee R. Lambert, PMI Fellow, has seen them all. The Agile approach is the latest “silver bullet” for the stressed and frustrated project manager and the organizations they serve. But, unlike other new wave techniques, Lambert believes Agile is here to stay! He is convinced that when properly implemented Agile is one of the most powerful and effective methods of executing projects of all kinds – NOT just IT projects. Agile is here to stay, so now is the time to “get with the program” and develop your “Agile mentality”.

While the Agile approach dramatically changes the traditional role of the PM to that of a Leader much more than a Manager, it empowers the Project Team to create evolving solutions based on cooperation and collaboration among all project stakeholders. This unique workshop will explore the core concepts and business value add that stands to be realized from adopting an Agile thought process on any project. More importantly, students will learn how to grasp the key Agile concepts in order to realize significantly improved productivity and project deliverable quality while at the same time developing strong cross-functional relationships and enhanced communications across all types of projects.


• Considering an Agile Approach for your project

• Defining scrum - what it is and what it isn't

• Why use scrum?

• Scrum is scalable?

• The Scrum aspects - roles and responsibilities

• Scrum processes - 5 phases

• Comparing Scrum to traditional PM

• Specific Scrum implementation techniques

• Benefits, challenges, decisions

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4 PDU's (2 Tech, 2 Lead, 0 Strat )

Agile Applications - To Scrum or Not to Scrum On-Demand

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