Lee R. Lambert, PMP

A Founder of the Original PMP® Certification (1984)
PMI® Fellow (2009)

PMI® Professional Development Provider of the Year (2007)
PMI® Distinguished Contribution Award (1995)


The New Management Paradigm

Lee Lambert

Each New Year brings change in technology.  We investigate the value add of the new and apply it with caution hoping to reap the promised rewards.   The world of management is no different.  New ideas, new concepts and new tools and techniques are evolving yearly.  Yet management, especially senior levels of management, resist using the new management approaches.  The senior level managers are generally guilty of “early onset” management style selection.  They picked a management style that “feels good” and they have made a conscious decision to use that style forever—whether it is embraced by individual contributors or not.  The bad news is that these “old style” managers tend to rise to the top of the organization.   Their Theory X management style effectiveness is measured by the “numbers”.  Good numbers equals bonus and promotion for managers.  Organizations measure success by the numbers.  Good numbers, good news.  But these hard driving, number achieving, managers NEVER stop to do “body count”!   They never consider the negative impact on productivity and morale their favorite, out dated, management style(s), have on the individuals ultimately responsible for project success.  C’mon management!  Get with the times.  Practice some modern management approaches.  Consider the benefits: 40%+ increase in productivity, higher levels of employee retention—happy people do more work!  Coercion is not the best way to inspire employees so try something new.  Check out Blanchard/Hersey’s Situational Leadership Model or The Personal Profile System (DiSC). You’ll be glad you did!

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